Brookway Group, Inc. was specifically incorporated in 2003 to be in the position of supporting and providing resources to viable business interests that provide economic growth and employment opportunity. The specifics of interest are incorporated in parameters of strong financial experience, resolute and proficient management and market position. Additionally, the elements of a demonstrated progression of positive growth and profitability in the aforementioned areas over a period of time are essential. Brookway Group has expanded the original founding objectives to include various management resources of programs, systems and tools that are the intrinsic elements required for effective and profitable accountability. 

The company is headquartered in North Carolina. The business was incorporated with the following objective: Investment of resources and/or finances in other organizations, products, services, projects and/or real estate that are potential sources of profit.

Brookway Group provides various resources and programs to management of selected organizations in diverse areas with our history of providing world class service both domestically and internationally.